With soaring energy prices and the public awareness of carbon emissions, Energy Saving is a topic that we frequently get asked about.

We are accredited Eco Smart Electricians which is a nationally recognized program that has given us a broad understanding of the concepts of energy efficiency utilizing modern technology and products.

The areas covered were, Energy Management, Lighting, Pumps Fans and Motors, Solar Generation Systems and Heating and Cooling.

Pumps, Fans And Motors Pumps

Over 50% of an organizations energy costs can be the running of these items. By ensuring that you have the right piece of equipment for the right application there can be massive cost savings, less maintenance costs and fewer emissions.

Solar Energy Generation

Similar to the above not every system is suitable for every building, location, area and gradient. Let us advise you on what type and size of system is required for your needs.

Heating And Cooling

Not all systems are suitable for all buildings and areas. Let us advise you on what type and size of system is required for your application.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Having the right kind of lighting is important to your health and safety. There are many Lighting alternatives available on the market now as well as Government Rebates and Finance Options to help with your installation. Commercial clients can benefit from these rebates but also benefit from short payback periods. In residential installations high usage areas such as living, kitchen and communal areas are the best place to start.


To turn off Lighting and other energy consuming appliances when there is no one in the area or if there is sufficient Natural Light entering the area. Areas such as Car Parks, Corridors, Foyers and Lobbys, Garages, Toilets and Amenities and Offices. The list is endless.

Energy Audits:

You understand the benefits but where do you start right? Don’t be overwhelmed, that’s where we come in. Let us help you see through the Green Wash and information overload.

In the Home:

Find out what appliances in your home are costing the most to run, see if the old beer fridge in the garage is pushing up your bills and identify ways to reduce your homes running costs. It’s good to know where all that energy is going, because then you can work out how to reduce it. A home energy audit will tell you what is best for you. Click here to book an assessment.

In the Business:

You probably have a good idea where the biggest costs are in your business. Having an energy audit conducted on your business will identify exactly where the primary energy use is, quantify it for you (eg: 45% Lighting, 32% Heating etc) and give you appropriate advice and guidance on what you can do about it. Add that to some projected costs and savings that could be obtained and you have a thorough plan of attack that can action in your own time. Click here to book an assessment.