Retail, Offices, Pubs/Hotels, Factories, Health Industry or Government & Councils across Melbourne, we have worked for them all.

Peninsula Electrical has a great Commercial client base and would love to add you to this list.

Here is a list of reasons why to trust us to help you with your needs. Read the list of some of our clients and some testimonials to help you make your mind up.

Here are 9 words to describe Peninsula Electrical and reasons to choose us:

  1. Competitive – Feel free to compare our prices
  2. Punctual – We’ll turn up on time, everytime
  3. Presentation – All of our staff wear company uniform and take pride in their appearance
  4. Presentation – All of our staff wear company uniform and take pride in their appearance
  5. Local – Handy when you need us urgently
  6. Helpful – Give us a quick call and chat to an expert for advice
  7. Flexible – We understand and are sympathetic to your working environment. Doing our work After Hours is not a problem
  8. Safe – JSA’s and SWMS are supplied prior to every job that we perform.
  9. Trusted – Our clients feel comfortable when we are onsite. As an example our work at Primary and Secondary Schools means that all of our staff have their Working With Children Check cards.

Here are some common Melbourne Commercial jobs that may be relevant to your needs:

Biz 0487

Power Points

The need for additional or relocated Power Points is quite common in the Commercial environment. The list of scenarios would be quite extensive but I’m sure that you can relate it to your particular work place.

Data Points

Data in the Commercial environment is almost the highest priority. Without it we are almost helpless. This being said, the installation of Data needs to meet the highest standards for it to work effectively for you. We are Cat6 endorsed and are a Certified Panduit Installer.


Peninsula Electrical is quite specialized in Commercial Fitouts and Refurbishments. Working closely with Shopfitters, Workstation Suppliers, Builders, Clients, Lighting Suppliers and Architects is what we do best. This will always lead to the desired finish for the client.


Commercial Lighting is a massive industry in itself. Let us help you be more energy efficient, spend less time and money on maintenance and meet the desired lighting level standards to keep your staff happy and working efficiently. We are quite active in Commercial Lighting Upgrades through various associates and government rebate schemes. Call us to help you make the most of your lighting and expenditure.

Eco Smart Electricians

Represents what its name suggests. This accreditation now enables Peninsula Electrical to undertake Energy Audits and has given us a broad understanding of the concepts of energy efficiency utilizing modern technology and products. Read more about this is in the Energy Saving section of our website.